Monday, November 30, 2009

You look better when you have a job.

If you smoke, drink, live off your parents, have dirty hair and no money to buy soap, if you are car less and job less and a complete asshole who uses trickery to make me think you are nice, & range from 20 to 23..CALL ME.
This is my type, can't help but to love a rebellious free bird... I'm not mad about it.

Referring to the previous blog posted by Stefanie, GStar is acceptable in every way..anytime, anywhere on most people.. In some real life situations this has been proven to be very true. So in conclusion, if you wear GStar I will love you as well... Argyle socks on the other hand, very cute but in my life if you have a hole in your sock and I can see your toe, then we are twins and you'll have to accept me too...because that is one thing I hate to buy.


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