Sunday, November 22, 2009

Winter you are growing on me

I always say how much I hate winter, I have decided to give it a chance this year. I guess it's not so bad and here is why....yea they're bullet pointed, had to get the point across in an organized way
  • I have an excuse to want to be in my bed all day, yes I didn't have one before
  • getting take out and eating it while watching some kind of horror movie we get from Redbox, I love Redbox and it's put to good use when the weather is shitty
  • Boots, Tights, Sweaters, Scarves & Hats...everyone knows I love hats
  • tea time ALL the time
  • A good book, a fireplace and some coffee, coffee...everyone knows I love coffee
  • Thanksgiving, Christmas & New Years...all so close together but gives us something to look forward to for 3 months
  • how beautiful is the snow really? It might be cold but you don't have to stand outside to see it
  • turning on the Christmas tree lights and leaving the rest of the lights off, it makes me get excited for Christmas like I used to
  • SANTA even though he isn't real, I will still pretend to make him cookies so I can eat them
  • going to Sundance on Sundays for Hot Chocolate
  • even though I have to force someone to make a snowman with me every year, i always make it happen
  • Kenny G Christmas CD..been listening to it every year for far too long
  • playing Board Games becomes one of the options when trying to find something to do..makes me laugh every time it's brought up
  • I get really pasty, oh wait these are the reasons I like, I decrease my chances for skin cancer just for a few months
  • I have time to refill my Ipod...Project Playlist was my hobby for 2 months ..1500 songs downloaded but i'm bored already of them
  • the people at Starbucks start to remember my name
  • last but not least Sweat pants are acceptable, that in its self should be why I love winter.



Kelsey said...

You are really growing on me! Both of you. I love you more than I love most other humans. Thanks for living in the cave and being extremely entertaining. Thanks for making me cozy chamomile and I expect a lot more nights with books, tea and the fire place. love you both lots and lots. xoxo

elias said...

I hate reading your blogs...but I probably won't stop. And I love that it's "exceptable" to wear sweat pants, but does that mean you are or aren't going to wear them? Love you.

autumn dame said...

dear jess--

i freaking love that you posted this link of FB & that I discovered your bloggage. PLUS I love hearing about Stef, whom I do not know but already love because she is a:hilarious (from what I've read...i mean, Boo Radley?! come on!) b: your bff, and you have great taste.
So Hi Stef!

Missy said...

What can I say? Another great post. Keep them coming...

Jessica Hughes & Stefanie Hillman said...

Eli, "ACCEPTABLE" hahaha