Monday, November 9, 2009

How Did Red Lipstick Get On This Cracker?

Ever want to meet us at the "flagpole"? If you do, you might have just made a deal with the devil. If you don't like red lipstick then you can't hang.. Red Lipstick, Iphoto, and the flagpole equaled one of the best nights in a very long time. Doesn't red lipstick make you feel sexy well at least I thought so. "hey Stef, lets wear red lipstick and take pictures" Now at the time it sounded brilliant to me and in the present I sound like an idiot... and even though Stef likes to bring up that it was "my" idea. She loved it. We ended up at our good friend Brett Beatty's where we decided to eat all his ritzs crackers, and that my friends is where this infamous quote came from -"how did red lipstick get on this cracker?" and where I spilled an entire beverage on my phone, ran in the middle of the street while Stef fell down the stairs and screamed for her best friend to come back as I left with someone who could have easily gotten a D.U.I. Perfection.


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kyle said...

Brett Beatty's? Fuck that .....