Saturday, November 14, 2009

I'm not clever enough to come up with a nickname for you...

Stefanie Marie Hillman.
You repeat everything I say, without knowing it.
You are O.C.D. and a germaphobe but you know that.
You dance like you are on america's best dance crew.
You eat a lot of Snickers candy bars, more then anyone I know.
You gave me WAY too many nicknames and I wish I knew how to stop it.
You have an anchor tattoo, probably because you like sailing even though you've never been on a sailboat.
You have way too many shoes and you always think you need more.
You've eaten like 475 Wendy's kids meals since i've known you.
You do not allow jeans in your bed.
You attract gay men, and I wish they loved me as much as you.
You also attract lesbians and we found that out at The Depot.
You went to hair school once and i'm glad that's over.
You hate it when I make you run in the snow, I have no idea why.
You will go to the flagpole with me.
You will sing Miley Cyrus with me as many times as I want and not get sick of it.
You always call me JOBEN and I HATE IT.
You always call me BOO RADLEY and I HATE IT.
You always call me GYMMIE and I HATE IT.
You always call me MEADOW and I HATE IT.
But I'll put up with it because you are a good friend, thanks Stef. Thanks so much...
All of these things are why you are my BFF.

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