Thursday, November 12, 2009

J. Crew Recreated

So recently J Crew came out with one of the best catalogs either of us have ever seen, not only are the outfits incredible the feeling we get while looking at it can be best described as "inspired".
We decided to take a trip to their store in S.L.C, we were both excited to get to see our favorite items in person. We walk in and both of us stop, it looked as if we "stepped into the gap" I do not want to "step into the Gap" ok! Searching and searching for the most amazing charcoal sequin skirt; we left without seeing that or anything we loved.... I was disappointed. They can tease us with the best catalog in the world and take it all away from us when we try to get immediate gratification. So in conclusion, we decided the best way to go about it would be to take items from our own wardrobes and use J Crew's November Catalog as a guide... good thing we didn't buy anything because we did this without having to empty our pockets or leave "the cave" which in my mind are 2 things I adore.
If you haven't seen this catalog, I suggest you do. You will DIE.
If you don't appreciate this catalog, you can DIE.
J & S

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Missy said...

I appreciate this catalogue. I appreciate that you recreated it. I've been trying to do it with my closet. I wasn't quite as successful as you two girls were.

Don't worry, I'll be here often, commenting.

And I know EXACTLY the charcoal sequined skirt you're talking about. It is in my basket at as we speak, along with a million other things.
Love you both.