Thursday, May 6, 2010

Interwebbing it.

All I want to watch is House, Desperate Housewives and Hulu! So finally we took our asses to Comcast where we waited 30 min for our number to be called. Who are these people and why are so many of them having issues with their remotes? Get out of my way!
We get to the front, and i'm thinking this is going to cost us and be too complicated to set up. She hands us a small box and says, "that is 9.99 and will show up on your next bill" SHIT!!!!!!!!!! we missed Project Runway and House for 9.99.. FML. We learned our lesson are now reconnected to the interweb, where we can Skype each other from our bedrooms.. yes this used to happen, don't act like you are shocked.


Monday, February 15, 2010

Thanks for the $8.00 discount on the puke suite.

I feel guilty for missing work even when it's clear I need a vacation. Justin (stefanie's boyfriend) rides bikes, good news is he finally got the training wheels removed! To celebrate he was heading to Phoenix to race in a crit nbd JTT (we learned the lingo this weekend) Anyway, we headed out unaware of what was to come. All I knew is I didn't have to put on a pair of boots for the next 6 days, thank god.
We are cruising along in Clint's comfy luxury vehicle, watching Sex & The City. When we see flashing lights from behind. Hmm we get pulled over, up walks the cop and annoying blinds us with his flashlight. (is that the way they show people they have the authority or something, by proving they will blind you if you try anything funny like going 5 over?) moving on, "where you headed?", "Phoenix for a bike race", "license & registration" off walks officer stick up his ass to cite us for going 93 in a 65. "you can see how much that is on the ticket, can you step out of the car?" clint heads to the back, the cop is at stef's window.. "can you roll that down ma'am, now are you guys taking the guanja to Phoenix with you?", "excuse me, no", "are you sure?" "yes we're pretty sure", "maybe it's the scent of perfume and flowers" ok yea, so we drive fast and smell like perfume and flowers, but we don't smoke Guanja, idiot.
Moving on, to Vegas we go. Decision made to stay at hard rock. Walk into the room and I'm positive 5 minutes before we got there they had someone conveniently puke on the floor. The scent was overwhelming and making us all nauseous. Housekeeping was useless and brought up spray, yea covering the smell of puke with flowers makes it better. I was lucky enough to sleep right where it went down & NO. Putting a pillow over it does not make it go away. HRH Thanks for the 8 dollar discount for the puke suite.
We are finally in Phoenix and the boys have to go ride in the middle of nowhere. Buuut I have to pee, & have HAD to pee for 2 hrs. Ok I'll pee in a bush I can do that.. Let's just go over here. Walking, walking, walking.. Dirt, dirt, rocks, porn, dirt.. Wait, porn? Yea spotted, 2 porn mags in the middle of nowhere. Someone felt guilty and threw them out the window, no doubt.
The next 2 days were filled with Starbucks, veggie burgers, the pool, Stefanie pawning off the baby carrots that taste too healthy, Justin telling stef not to eat chocolate for breakfast, Hanny's the restaurant with a d.j & Cibo (the amazing restaurant with horrible bitch waitress') Sunday we went to the race, many a men in spandex shorts, I personally loved it. Fact: Do you know those guys race for an hr & ride about 30ish mph the whole time.. Thats insane. Lean mean sexy legged racing machines.
It's winter in Az, I would die for an 80 degree winter by the way.
Vday dinner at pappadeaux, the
mini jersey shore paired with Affliction everywhere burning my eyes out. We came home to Gina to find her a little tipsy & full of questions like, "what time are you guys leaving?" (6) "sex!! What the frick! That's early!!" I guess you had to be there but it was hilarious. Love you Gina babe.
Driving home & blogging on the way, oh good we just pulled into some casino. "what are we doing here??" Justin responds, "we just have to play some god damn blackjack" well alright then. The trip isn't over but my blog is.. Farewell to 6 days & 5 nights of remembering what it means to have a damn good time.

Sunday, January 31, 2010

Hi I need $40,000 for FIDM, love Jessica

Why the hell does school have to be so expensive!!! I applied here 2 years ago, got in, got excited. Then got a reality check... $40,000 oh man. All schools are expensive, I get that. Everyone has to make that sacrifice. Housing and books, moving to a new state, it just all piles up. So here is to the future, maybe I will make it there one day. I will always have that in the back of my mind, I think about it every so often and I get a little sad. That is really where I want to be... Keep your fingers crossed that I will be one day!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

21st & Ivy

Thursday, January 21, 2010

The party don't start til I walk in..

TICK TOCK by Kesha

I love this song it makes me want to dance, so I will.
Thankyouverymuch Kesha.


Wednesday, January 20, 2010

A Little Insight To My Life..By J.H.

I wake up numerous times in the night, I have anxiety, I go to the gym at 5 a.m. sometimes, I drink too much coffee I am completely aware of my addiction, I buy clothes before groceries, I think about what i'm going to buy with my next paycheck BEFORE I get it, I laugh at myself more then anyone else, my jokes are hilarious to me, I am a vegetarian, I spend too much time on the following websites: Sartorialist, whowhatwear,, indierockcafe,, pandora & urbanoutfitters, I don't date, when I fall in love it takes me forever to get over it, biggest fear is falling asleep at the wheel, my favorite band is's not going to change, i've listened to them since I was 8, I played softball for 4 years, Listening to classical music clears my mind, I feel proper when I drink tea, I like fashion more then I like coffee and for those of you who know me that says a lot, I will dress any of you any day of the week, I love photography but I am not a photographer, I will always love vincent van gogh and starry dad had a book of his paintings on the mantle all through my childhood, I have a dog his name is Jack and i'm pretty sure he has A.D.D., I know the value of a dollar I just care to ignore it, I sing in the shower and dance while I put my make up on, It looks like I live in my car, I used to sing and record songs I made up on a karaoke machine..yea I found the tapes...slightly embarrassing. I forgive myself because I was 7 or 11 whatever it doesn't matter how old I was :) I own probably 14 pairs of sunglasses and I only wear 1 pair, I snore ugh it's embarrassing, I don't know how to react to a compliment, I don't drink soda, I love to write, I used to write poems & songs, I believe The Giving Tree & Where The Sidewalk Ends are must reads, I enjoy wine, in my opinion there is nothing better then dancing the night away, I have to snap myself back into reality sometimes, I used to play the guitar..I stare at it sometimes and wonder how, I don't have any idea what I want to be when I grow up, I want to excel in what i'm doing in the present before I think about the future because regardless of me thinking about it, it's coming. I might as well achieve something everyday til then even if it's checking off my daily list of trying not to fall asleep at the wheel, paying attention at work & going to the gym. Either way I guess I think i'm alright.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

3.1 Phillip Lim,

Just look for will know why these pieces are in my shopping cart.

Trading the Plaid for Stripes.

Plaid was a huge trend this winter and I know we all absolutely loved it, lived and wore it. I know I did, I think every other shirt in my closet is plaid...could be an exaggeration eh maybe. What's to come of spring, STRIPES? Yes, nautical!.. I don't know about you but I am excited. Whenever I hate winter and need a get away (which is ALL the time) I close my eyes and imagine I am on the beach or on a resort dressed in the clothes of summer and spring, with the sunshine all around me. I love bringing the elements of my favorite places with me in my daily life. I'm excited for color and print to come back into our clothing! Stripes and florals mixed, plaids and florals, skirts and dresses, gladiator sandals, bangles, earrings. Everything this Spring can be overdone, so much is accepted. I can't wait for the sunshine, so lets bring it in early and start wearing color, stripes and florals. So we can forget Winter ever happened to us.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Utah Styleliste.

On February 12th we had a chance to get a first glimpse into the up and coming magazine Utah Styleliste.
I hoped that it would be something great, a fashion show, photographers, models, writers, stylists..etc. Sounded fun, I never have high hopes for things like this in Utah. I didn't expect very much.. So we waited patiently for the fashion show to start, I must admit..I was surprised and impressed by the styling.. the clothes were AMAZING, and even better was the fact that they were from Boutiques in and around our area.. SHOCKING. Someone gets it, it's not just Mormon fashion around here FINALLY. It's real, it's stylish, it's not a shade shirt underneath a baby doll dress..because we all know how popular that has become. I'm excited to see what is in store for this magazine & it's stylists and lets not forget our good friend Elias.

Tattoo Tuesday

Monday: "Hey Stef, lets go get tattoos tomorrow."
"ok J."
We decided Monday to go get tattoos.. why not. I've wanted one for a really long time, I think the best part about it was the spontaneity. I didn't think long about what I wanted, I decided to get something simple and that I know I will love forever. Birds, you know like the squiggle you doodled in elementary.. hmm good enough for me.
Tuesday came and we waited patiently for the work day to be over. The second it was we googled the address to 11th Street and we were on our way. Stefanie by the end of the day had made a final decision on her tattoo.. knowing Stef it would be a unique choice, and I was not let down. She decided on a quote from one of our favorite shows Sex & The City.. "don't you want to stand still with me" even if you've never seen Sex & The City you should enjoy this quote.. I think you may have to be a hopeless romantic or a girl to really love it. Anyway, moving on... we go in tell them what we want, sign a waver, I meet the man who is about to make me feel pain & i'm in the chair. He takes a marker and draws them directly on my arm..I say ok, no hesitation and then it was done. Pain, yes..worth it, love it..yes.
Stef's turn.
On the ribs, ugh it hurts to even think about it. All I can say is that she was brave and it turned out amazing..despite the constant biting of her own hand, teeth marks & being on the verge of tears... it was quick and turned out amazing. I love it.

Monday, January 11, 2010

The Xx

XX by The Xx buy it... it's amazing.

my fav songs:
Heart Skipped A Beat, Intro & Islands


Friday, January 1, 2010

you taste just like glitter mixed with rock n roll...

the song of the night, Boys Boys Boys by Lady GaGa..

Last night we rang in the New Year with some good friends and found some love on the dance floor. If you can move we will find you. I realized that even when Stefanie and I go someone alone, we can always find friends to have a good time with. We met some interesting people, drank some champagne, kissed a couple strangers lips, shook our hips and ended the night with a bang. 2010 I am looking forward to you, I can't wait to see what happens this year.. hopefully it will be as good as the last..