Thursday, January 14, 2010

Tattoo Tuesday

Monday: "Hey Stef, lets go get tattoos tomorrow."
"ok J."
We decided Monday to go get tattoos.. why not. I've wanted one for a really long time, I think the best part about it was the spontaneity. I didn't think long about what I wanted, I decided to get something simple and that I know I will love forever. Birds, you know like the squiggle you doodled in elementary.. hmm good enough for me.
Tuesday came and we waited patiently for the work day to be over. The second it was we googled the address to 11th Street and we were on our way. Stefanie by the end of the day had made a final decision on her tattoo.. knowing Stef it would be a unique choice, and I was not let down. She decided on a quote from one of our favorite shows Sex & The City.. "don't you want to stand still with me" even if you've never seen Sex & The City you should enjoy this quote.. I think you may have to be a hopeless romantic or a girl to really love it. Anyway, moving on... we go in tell them what we want, sign a waver, I meet the man who is about to make me feel pain & i'm in the chair. He takes a marker and draws them directly on my arm..I say ok, no hesitation and then it was done. Pain, yes..worth it, love it..yes.
Stef's turn.
On the ribs, ugh it hurts to even think about it. All I can say is that she was brave and it turned out amazing..despite the constant biting of her own hand, teeth marks & being on the verge of tears... it was quick and turned out amazing. I love it.


Chris and Mari Spiker said...

Cute. I love it. I've always wanted a tattoo. Chris always wanted sleeves (so random!!) but decided it wouldn't really help him out with his Poor stef!! My brother got a HUGE dragon on his ribs and he said it hurt so so bad. I can only imagine!

ps you better post pics of your hot self on this blog once they come back from your photoshoot. I don't care about the necklace part, I really just wanna see how cute you are!!

Jessica Hughes and Stefanie Hillman said...

Deal, I am anxious to see them myself!!