Sunday, January 17, 2010

Trading the Plaid for Stripes.

Plaid was a huge trend this winter and I know we all absolutely loved it, lived and wore it. I know I did, I think every other shirt in my closet is plaid...could be an exaggeration eh maybe. What's to come of spring, STRIPES? Yes, nautical!.. I don't know about you but I am excited. Whenever I hate winter and need a get away (which is ALL the time) I close my eyes and imagine I am on the beach or on a resort dressed in the clothes of summer and spring, with the sunshine all around me. I love bringing the elements of my favorite places with me in my daily life. I'm excited for color and print to come back into our clothing! Stripes and florals mixed, plaids and florals, skirts and dresses, gladiator sandals, bangles, earrings. Everything this Spring can be overdone, so much is accepted. I can't wait for the sunshine, so lets bring it in early and start wearing color, stripes and florals. So we can forget Winter ever happened to us.


Missy said...

Done and done. I'm ready to forget all about winter and spring into spring. Okay bad joke, but i'm ready to move on. I love a little color to spruce things up, especially with how drab winter is. Ugh. Love this post and the last one. I love Phillip Lim. Amazing. Seriously.

Chris and Mari Spiker said...

so true. I just bought the most amazing floral skirt & plan to wear it with another fabulous print or stripes.

loving this seasons trends.