Friday, November 13, 2009

Jessica Joben Meadow Boo Radley Gymmie Hughesman

I want to dedicate this blog to my very dear BFF Jess.

It all started with a cruise... One terribly wonderful cruise. Jess and I had been working like crazy and decided hey we're work friends lets be real friends and go on a cruise. Well we certainly went crusin'. Quick stop in San Diego, got lost, asked for directions, finally found our hotel, hit a parked van, fell asleep. Next morning got ready, went to Nordy's, Bought some shoes, Urban.. bought some secrets, off to the boat we go. Haha when we got on it was a little... Well, what can I say or how can I put it nicely... Vintage? We did some dancin' and met some friends. Although, everyone thought we were 18... We mostly slept due to excessive amounts of Dramamine and ice cream. (as shown in the pictures above) Went to lovers beach and found that we can have many many Mexican boyfriends which apparently is a popular question in Mexico. In fact Jess did find a Mexican Boyfriend who sort of felt her up in a picture, which was hilarious and a little scary. Where is that picture I wonder? All in all it was a fun trip. As Spanish singer rock star of the boat would say... Muchograciasthankyouverymuch Jess for being my very best BFF.

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