Thursday, November 19, 2009

Give Me That Harmonica Necklace

We came across Jordan's Harmonica necklace one night while he was here in our basement. We casually asked him where he got it from..he refused to tell us he said, "do you understand that if you girls start wearing a harmonica necklace that all of Provo will too" obviously we know that would never happen. So we continued trying to bribe him into telling us where that S.O.B. came from. He wouldn't budge... as we're begging him we were also on stefanie's laptop googling harmonica necklaces... and he thought we wouldn't get what we wanted. FOUND IT, and the back of the harmonica so sweetly said "little lady". Fitting? I think so..we tell him we will just find our own, yet he still insists it's a horrible idea to get one. I think he wanted to be the only cool cat with a harmonica necklace, of course we wanted to rain on his parade. Still refusing to tell us we had to take matters into our own hands and that is when it got dirty. Stefanie attacked Jordan and tried to steal that necklace right off his neck. Jordan was not taking this serious, he was trying to play the harmonica while Stefanie was yanking at it then he so casually said, "hey Jessica, can you take a picture of this? I really need a new Facebook photo." We failed at getting a harmonica, but at least Jordan got this amazing photo out of it, it's a winner for sure.

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Missy said...

This is why we love Jordan. He's crazy and unusual and totally wants to be the only person to have a harmonica necklace.