Thursday, December 3, 2009

Why me?

Okay, so I have a serious love hate relationship with my Audi. I love love love it when its working and hate it more then anything when its not. I swear this one is cursed. From Window regulators, to hit and runs, to chipped paint, to shattered glass, and all other sorts stuff happening underneath the hood. All very funny stories but this on seems to be the topper of the moment.
So once upon a time the clock struck 6:00 and I was finally off work. I just needed some Inn N' out in my body, I got there waited patiently for them to take my order. After that was done and said Mr. Inn n out was like "oh you have a flat tire" and this is where the fun begins. So I get out to see that my tire is seriously flat... Like the tire falling off the rim flat. So I called Joben but she was busy with work. Who was I going to call to fix this tire? Seriously racked my brain for a bit and called Dave Challis. He was so sweet and said he would be right over. As I was waiting for Dave Mr Inn N out came over to ask me if I wanted him to bring over my food. I almost laughed, I was thinking NO I dont want you to bring my food over here, I want you to fix this damn tire! I kindly said no thanks and he was on his way. Dave got there and well it turns out that those lug nuts were NOT moving. Nope. Not happening. So Dave took me home. On to the next set of boys that were ready to give it a try. Alec and Taylor take my keys and go to get the deed done. Nope. Not happening. The lug nuts were there to stay. So, I wake up the next morning and decided I would call Mike Affleck. Ha ha for those of you who don't know him, he is a big guy. Not only is he big he works out pretty much every second for football. The only problem with Mike is he doesn't know ONE thing about changing tires, but I'm thinking we need the muscles and me and J and figure out the brains. So we get out the owners manual and start reading. Nothings working, not even Mikes big muscles. Mike looks at me and says "Man, I cant believe that no one has pulled over to help us!" haha So I respond "Mike, no one going to stop when they see you here with us.. I'm pretty sure they are thinking you have it under control." J looks at both of us and decides that we need to get Fix a flat in a can, so we do. Hahaha we start putting that shit in and it just comes seeping out of the tire. Guess that's not going to work. Finally we decide that we need to move on to our last resort. Discount tire is across the street. So me and J thank Mike and head over to see which hottie mechanic is going to help us. We get the old grumpy guy who is in charge, he proceeds to tell me he is under staffed and i'll have to wait until his guy gets back from lunch. Then a younger guy interrupts and says "I'll do it. I'll do it." So old man grupers decides that's okay and barks at him to bring some tools and such. As we're walking out he says "Uh well, I got my truck over here... It's a little messy cause I uh just got done a hiking timp." Me and J tried to keep straight faces as we told him that we could drive our car and he could follow us. Once we got there he had to run back for different tools when he realized it was an Audi. As he was leaving me and J spotted his license plate which read Prtywmn! Oh we got us a keeper. Pretty Women on his truck. So he came back pretty quick and decided to make small talk, asking us if we go to school. We said no, and he said he was in the same boat? He asked me to get in the car and step on the breaks. Getting his hammer and tools all together he starts going to town on my tire. While he is down there Jess was standing behind him pretending to spank his butt and air hump him while he talked to me. I was laughing my ass off while I asked him what would I do if I was on the side of the highway. He gave me a simple answer.... Just carry a hammer around. NBD. He got three off before breaking his tool. He had to go back AGAIN to get this damn tire off my car. He comes and gets my tire off with great effort. Then starts talking about tork blah blah blah air blah blah blah come over to the shop and I'll finish you up. So I say good bye to J and follow Mr. discount tire. He was quick and finished my car, then winked at me and sent me on my way. In the end he refused my money. Thank you Mr. Discount Tire Guy.


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Anonymous said...

You two are ruthless! Lol! Laugh my guts out!