Monday, December 7, 2009

Oh Christmas Tree

It snowed all night Saturday and all day Sunday, so of course we chose the best day to go to the Christmas tree lot... We pulled up and walked in the gates of Christmas, we stared and stared..all the trees began to look the same. Finally we spotted "the one"! The worker man, a.k.a hot Christmas tree salesman... came out of his wooden shack to give a price quote. We asked him if he could tie it to the top of my Jetta, we were shocked when he said he would just drive it to our house for us. No charge and he took 10 dollars off our, hello yes you can do all those things for us thank you very much. We pulled out of the parking lot and all I could think was, "this was either a really lucky day or we're about to end up like the girls in the movie TAKEN" Oh well, we took the chance. I forgot to mention, Stefanie spent 2 hours downloading Christmas music for our decoration time & I filled our bathroom with cinnamon scented pine cones.
Now our tree was a little tall when we got it home, so I just cut off the top with the sharp side of a hammer...I am very handy sometimes. Even though it looked a little messy, you can't even see it.
We threaded those sparkly white Christmas lights all around, found a skirt for the bottom & plugged it in... Our house smells and looks like Christmas and I couldn't be any happier.

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